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A Lego Adventure…..With Dinosaurs


Taking advantage of exploring Abington Park as we were given the challenge of creating a photo journey using a collection of materials including string, scissors, tape, clothes pegs, plastic dinosaurs and of course Lego.

So inspired by the Little People street art, we created some macro photo art of the little Lego Man venturing into the bush.


The process is simple:

1.Find character and think up an adventure.
2.Put Lego man in an adventurous position.
3.Turn on macro setting on camera.
4.Position camera at an appropriate height to the Lego man.
5.Take photo.
6.Continue adventure

From a teaching perspective the Little People inspired artwork is a fantastic concept for children to have a go at. Being completely open ended, what scenario the children create is completely up to them, as they learn to work with nature and their surroundings.