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Green Screen in the Classroom


Green screen is a fantastic tool for use in the classroom. With just an iPad and a green sheet, a pupil can be landed in a different environment, country or time, broadening not only their understanding of a topic but stretching their creativity of learning without even having to leave the classroom.

The process of green screen is simple and in many ways very cheap and easy to achieve effectively. This theoretically, makes it a very good and transferable skill for teachers to use with children, as a quick tutorial of the simple processes can lead swiftly toward a self motivated progression of related skills.

As part of a Digital Leaders project with the University of Northampton, I introduced a class of pupils to green screen film making at Vernon Terrace Primary. Starting with a quick introduction to green screen and the iPad application the children would be using, I then challenged the children to go and film a short news report using the green screen for one part of their film.


The results were pretty entertaining, with stories ranging from surviving alligator attacks to alien abductions. As part of the task, the children were able to experiment with filming, before using iMovie to put it all together. This enabled all the children to use a range of technologies, which aided in developing their creative media understanding for their future productions. After seeing each other’s news reports, with time given to critically evaluate each other’s work, the children were then given the opportunity to make another film of their own, using their newly acquired and developing media skill set.

During the production of the next round of films, the pupils further developed their confidence with green screen and were actively looking for opportunities to expand and experiment with what was possible within the process. This helped the children create far more individual films which were not only personal to them but were far more technically advanced than what they had originally been able to achieve.


Green screen is undoubtably a fantastic tool which pupils love. Being such a well known film making technique, that is both equally recognised and misunderstood in how it works, makes it a very appealing technique that everyone feels inspired to learn.

If you’ve had experience with green screen in the classroom, I’d love to hear about it. Let me know by either leaving a comment or contacting me on Twitter.