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Gunships, Guns, Dogs and Snow.

After returning from Asia a couple of months ago to find the Country had turned into a muddy snowball, I took the opportunity to go a play in the woods. Grabbing the dog, a stage gun and my very understanding girlfriend, we ventured out into the cold wilderness of Greens Norton Pocket park to shoot a completely un-planned and spontaneous short film. The idea which we planned on the way down was simple, ‘Girl stalked – something, big appears’. 

Shooting for a little under an hour, including the nessercery ‘travel’ time  and the obligitory interuption by mistified dog walkers and bemused farmers, we returned for tea and for me to start editing the film.

After looking over the footage and putting together a simple rough edit, I began work on the ‘after effects’. Now I could have gone two ways with the shots I had, either something tall and big like a troll or something fast and mechanical like a helicopter. I decided on helicopter as the troll idea sounded to cool to waste on a rubbish little short. Finding a good CGI model  was pretty easy as was the texturing and rendering, which once completed was overlayed over the film. At this point I started on the Visual Effects in Motion, adding smoke, debris and gun effects to the film. This took little over a day to complete and after fine tuning the film a small bit with the new effects and adding around 20 layers of audio, it was finished.


Now obviously the final product was no where near my best work or what I could effectively do in the time I allowed myself, but as an example of what can be done a cold day off and with no real planning, I think its pretty cool.