My Own Films

Outside of school I currently work on a range of different film and animation projects, ranging from corporate commerce short films, to awesome SciFi slime-fests. Also, with my partner Lindsay, I produce a number of short travel films for our joint travel blogging project Mundo Trundle.

Take a look at a few of my most recent films below. If you’d like to know more please contact me at


The Horribly Awkward Transport System in Prague.

As part of a film making project in Prague, we realised how annoying the transport system appeared to be….so we made a short film about it.

Gromit Unleased

Short film of our quest to find all 80 Gromits around Bristol.

Testimonial: The Hunter Quick Check

This was made as part of a series of films, selling the benefits of a new piece of Alignment Equipment to trade professionals.

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Film is a fantastic medium for presenting thoughts and opinions in engaging and visual ways. As a good film can silence a crowd, inspire a thought and change an opinion.

With technology as it is now, more people than ever have access to film making and editing tools than in all the history of cinema, with most of it being available on the average smart phone. However, the ability to create a good and watchable film, with this technology is still difficult and definitely a worthwhile skill to learn.

Since 2010, I have been teaching children and young adults the skills needed to make their own films. Many of these films have gone on public screenings and to win awards, however, most have simply been a bit of fun. Below I’ve listed a few examples made by students I’ve taught over the past few years.

The Demon Dinner Lady

The Demon Dinner Lady was made by a group of pupils from Cedar Road Primary, as part of the Steelbacks Animation Club. The boys planned their film, ran auditions and even gained permission to film in the school after it had closed. Although the film ran behind schedule by about 4 months, it still stands as an excellent example of what can be achieved with hard work and commitment to a project.

The film even went on to win the Judges award at Film Northants 2013.

 Accidentally in Daventry

This short film was made thanks to funding from the FirstLight Fund National Lottery. Made by a group of pupils from Daventry (aged between 11 – 16), the students were given a budget a specialist equipment to help make their film

The film went onto win the Under 16’s award at Film Northants 2012, as well as being shortlisted for best comedy at the FirstLight Awards 2012.