Editing the Game

Working at a football club has its perks.

Theres always something going on, team politics is great distraction from work and football is truelly the sport of the people.

But on the negative being involved with a loosing team is pretty depressing, especially in a town obsessed with Rugby! However all this used to pass me by…

Being never a real massive fan of football when I was a kid (I was rugby child, ie. fat), I never really bothered to learn the rules or engage in finding a favourite Premiership team that I could fight and die for. So when I got a job at the Cobblers Study Centre in Sixfields, I was pretty non plussed by the idea that I was now part of the football system.

However 3 years down the road, I’ve gravitated from not giving a toss about the stupid sport, to becoming the resident video editor of the beautiful game. Cutting the matches into the highlights and played sections, so that they can be easily analysed by the Manager and first team. Which I’ve now been doing for the past two Cobblers Managers.

Every Sunday and Wednesday, 5 hours of my day is completely dedicated to the matches of my local football team. Screaming and yelling at the highs and lows of the match, through Final Cut Pro.

So this is my day.

Luckily given my pretty quick editing speed, I manage to cut the games into seven sequences in pretty much real time, spending approximately 90 minutes editing the match, with a further 10 minute fine tune the seven edits after.  A mind numbing job yes, but given the ammount of games I’ve now edited, its like working on autopilot.

Except of course when a rival team will ‘saboutage the disk’, by not recording the audio, filming in dodgy angles or putting hilarious fans next to the camera (which are hilarious)

Take a look at a short montage from one of the games I edited. A pretty standard game, but the Accrington Stanely Fan was making me laugh all day!


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