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Hello and welcome to Shoebox Cinema. Across this blog you can see a few of the creative media projects I’m involved with and have created and ran over the past few years. 

I’m massively enthusiastic about film and animation and love creating and teaching stop-motion animation and film making to children and adults alike. Since 2009, I’ve been involved with leading and teaching creative media projects within a range of different contexts and settings, which has taken me from Northampton to Kenya and back again. In this time, I’ve worked with the British Film Institute and Firstlight, the Northamptonshire County Council, Northampton AIP, West Bromwich Albion Study Centre, and Cambridge County Council, as well as a number of secondary and primary schools across the midlands.

Currently, I’m teaching within a primary setting near Milton Keynes, as well as running a number of animation and film making workshops in the school holidays.

I’m always open to hearing about new and exciting projects, so please feel free to contact me on this site, Twitter or email directly at

Check out my latest award winning animation, Disparu, below: